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Engine Prime

Notre Avis :

Bon logiciel de DJ professionnel. Permet de gérer mes playlists pour le matériel Denon DJ comme le Prime 4. Pas aussi bon que ses principaux concurrents pour le moment en terme de fonctionnalités.

Vidéo de présentation :


Take control of your music library

Engine PRIME is Denon DJ’s Music Analysis and Management software to enhance and optimize your playback experience on the PRIME Series DJ equipment and the MCX8000 controller too. Free to download and supporting both Mac and Windows operating systems, Engine PRIME ensures fast and easy digital music database creation. It includes full integration with rekordbox®, iTunes, Serato DJ and NI Traktor collections plus advanced track editing and performance customization.

Import and analyze

Engine PRIME performs accurate beatgrid placement of your imported tracks, calculating the song’s musical key bringing in track artwork, BPM and all other metadata too. V1.2 of Engine PRIME added improved downbeat detection and an extended BPM range too with V1.3.1 enhancing import speeds to iTunes, Serato and Traktor collections. Also, the tri-color, high-definition waveforms are accompanied by a full track overview, helping you to easily add quantized hot-cues and loop regions along the timeline.

iTunes, Serato, rekordbox® and Traktor Collections

With full iTunes, Serato DJ, Traktor integration and now rekordbox® support, you can synchronize and import your current and well curated collections, and include those precious Playlists, Cues and Saved Loops too. In addition, Engine PRIME supports the creation of Playlist Folders, drag/drop and import of full Serato DJ crates to the main library, plus Playlist History export too. Create your own custom playlists and crates for any mood, style, gig, crowd or event!

Edit and customize

Beatgrids can be edited easily and with the ability to add custom names/colors to both hot-cues and loop regions, it’s easy to prepare those memorable moments for your live gigs that follow. Mixes between two tracks can be auditioned too for offline set preparation. Once you’ve created your custom collection, just export to a preferred media source, plug that into your PRIME Series unit and you’re sonically armed to rock any dancefloor!

Supported media:


  • WAV 16-32 bit, 44.1k – 192k
  • AIFF 16-32 bit, 44.1k – 192k


  • MP3 32 kbit/s – 320 kbit/s + VBR/CBR
  • M4A/AAC MP4 OGG Vorbis

System requirements


  • OS Version: Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: i5 2.0Ghz or faster
  • Memory: 4 Gb RAM or more
  • Video Card: Intel HD Graphics or better
  • Sound Interface: DirectX Compatible interface
  • Free space: 150 Mb available for application

Note: Users of Windows 8.1 need to make sure they have all the latest patches installed via Windows Update.


  • OS Version: MacOS 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15
  • Processor: i5 2.0Ghz or faster
  • Memory: 4 Gb RAM or more
  • Sound Interface: Internal sound card or Core Audio compatible interface
  • Free space: 150 Mb available for application